Assist-nest {Services}

Need help picking paint colors?
We do that.

Need help arranging your furniture?
We may not be trained in feng shui, but we know how to set up a room to maximize your space and livability.

Searching for those last few pieces or have an empty room and don't even know where to begin?
That's exactly what we're here for!

Moving in with a significant other and terrified about The Combining of The Things?
We're especially proud to offer a little service we like to call Deco-mediation.  There's going to be compromise, but when it's all over, your space will reflect both of your styles, personalities and favorite things...including each other.

Assist-Nest is a very real virtual design service that handles everything from helping you pick paint colors to putting together an entire room.  We shop for all budgets.  We research and give you step-by-step instructions on DIY projects that will help breathe new life into your favorite old pieces...if you're handy like that.  You tell us what stays, must haves, dream finds and we create a plan of attack {lists!} to make it happen.     

Thanks to the magic of telephones, email and Skype we can do all this for wherever you are from wherever we are.  And, if wherever you are is Los Angeles, you have the option of local in-person assistance.


In the meantime, email us at

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